Metsuke 目付 and Kan Ken no Me 観見の目

Metsuke 目付

Metsuke considers what one is looking at and how the looking is taking place. Who is the looker and what is being looked at?

One strives to develop incredible focus and concentration that is not easily distracted by movement and change.

Continuous practice allows one to develop single-pointed focus which is non-dual in nature.

Kan Ken no Me 観見の目

Kan Ken no Me is the concept of seeing and observing continuous change in practice and life.

Ken 見 is using your eye sense to see. One uses one’s eyes to see training, movement of the body, changing of position in relation to your surroundings and opponent’s intent.

Kan 観 is using your mind to observe. Observing continuous change, impermanent nature of training. Kan is the state where execution of technique happens without effort. Sometimes in budo, the concept of Kan is represented by knowing what technique will happen before the action takes place seeing without seeing. Kan can only be developed by continuous practice.

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